Clinical Visits

Pre-Congress Clinical Visits on Wednesday 5 October 2022


Meet the experience experts both at the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Care and Safety House and Fivoor outpatient clinic

Rotterdam-Rijnmond Care and Safety House (RR-CSH)

Successfully tackling crime and serious nuisance by individuals and families with complex problems requires more than just care or punitive measures. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Care and Safety House (RR-CSH) is a regional partnership and offers an integrated approach and part of the 28 Care and Safety Houses of The Netherlands

The RR-CSH makes an important contribution to reducing crime and preventing social and unsafe situations for the person and his or her environment.

Topics addressed at the RR-CSH vary from domestic violence, multiproblem families and juvenile delinquency to aftercare and after detention. Complex problems that lead to crime, unsafe situations, feelings of unsafety or neighborhood nuisance are also part of the scope of the RR-CSH. Fivoor is one of the collaborating partners in the RR-CSH.


Fivoor is a large institution for intensive and forensic psychiatric treatment. Fivoor is located in a large part of (merely in the western part, also called Randstad) the Netherlands. Fivoor has inpatient clinics for forensic patients, and for patients with a low IQ in combination with behavioral problems. Fivoor also has a large number of outpatient clinics for clients from 12 years onward with rule breaking and/or delinquent behavior. Treatment of aggressive behavior and other forms of forensic risks are part of daily practice in Fivoor.

Clinical Visit

During this clinical visit on Wednesday October 5th, you will both meet the practice of the RR-CSH and Fivoor. On this exciting tour, we will first visit the RR-CSH, located in the heart of the city in Rotterdam, at the shore of the Maas river. The tour starts with a spectacular ride on a fast Watertaxi which brings you to the RR-CSH. At the RR-CSH you learn more about the integrated approach. Furthermore you will meet with the Rotterdam police and a public prosecutor officer, who will proudly present you a peek in their work in our city with several challenging neighborhoods.

After visiting the RR-CSH you will continue your “journey” through Rotterdam by metro to the outpatient clinic of Fivoor Rotterdam at the Diergaardesingel (close to the conference venue). At Fivoor, you will be welcomed by a leading professional of the outpatient clinic who will briefly present their treatment programs. After that, it is time to roll up your sleeves for a workshop in “using pictograms in forensic outpatient treatment”. Finally, we will conclude your Rotterdam experience with an inspiring dialogue with one of our patients, who will tell bravely about her eventful life in the city and what forensic treatment means to her.

Organising team

Willeke van der Eijk (Fivoor), Rosalind van der Lem (Fivoor), Esther Schaddelee (RR-CSH) and Loes Wesselink (RR-CSH).


Special thanks to

Saskia Koster (citizen of Rotterdam/patient of Fivoor).

Practical information

  • Date: Wednesday 5 October 2022
  • Time: 13:30  – 18:00 hrs CEST
  • Start location: entrance of metro at Central Station
  • Public Transport: Fivoor will guide you to and from the locations
  • Price per person: €15 incl. transportation, excl. VAT
  • Maximum number of participants: 25
  • Deadline registration: Monday 3 October

Visit the intensive treatment center in Poortugaal (Antes-CIB)



Antes is a specialist in psychiatry and addiction. As a mental health care institution, Antes focuses on the recovery of adults and the elderly with (serious) psychiatric problems.


The aim of Antes is to provide people with psychological problems with the right care, at the right time, as intensively as possible, but no longer than necessary. The recovery of the server users is the starting point. Together with the service user and their close relatives, they work on regaining and maintaining control over life.

Antes wants to minimize the serious consequences of psychological problems, so that the service users can continue on their own, enter into social relationships according to their own wishes and participate in society.

The intensive treatment center (Antes-CIB) was opened in Poortugaal in 2018. At this location very intensive care is provided to service users from all over the Netherlands; people who almost constantly have a request for help and support. This involves disruptive behaviour, which often makes it difficult, both for themselves and for the other patients in that department, to properly treat and supervise these service users at other locations.


Inside, the building is light and spacious. Much attention has been paid to ensure that people can feel comfortable there. The server users have their own room and sanitary facilities and receive intensive care and guidance.

Clinical Visit

You depart together from Rotterdam Central Station and travel to Poortugaal by metro. Upon arrival you will be met by an Antes representative who will accompany you to the location.


The visit starts with an introduction followed by an extensive tour. Afterwards, time is built in to ask questions and for a conversation. You travel back by metro to Rotterdam Central.

Practical information

  • Date: Wednesday 5 October 2022
  • Time: 13:30  – 17:40 hrs CEST
  • Start location: entrance of metro at Central Station
  • Public Transport: with each other; no guidence/you will need to buy your own ticket prior to departure
  • Price per person: € 10 excl. transportation (approx. €7,34), excl. VAT
  • Maximum number of participants: 10
  • Deadline registration: Monday 3 October