A preliminary study of bullying of university campuses in Taiwan.

A preliminary study of bullying of university campuses in Taiwan.

Poster presentation205Hsieh Ming-Hsin, Hung-Kuang University, Taiwan

Jurriaanse FoyerFri 11:00 - 12:00

According to the COVID-19 pandemic progress, the increase in distance learning and online communication, the Children's Welfare Alliance survey (2021) shows that 36.3% of children have been bullied online in Taiwan, and the call for help with self-harm or suicide attempt was higher year by year during 2019-2021. It is generally believed that university students are relatively mature and have more freedom in taking courses. They believe that there are few bullying incidents that need attention on university campuses. An online survey with questionnaires was applied to 2583 university students, and 2570 effective feedback. And the result shows that university students in Taiwan have an obvious improvement in gender issues. Therefore, how to properly handle bullying incidents, and how to prevent bullying, so every faculty should have the ability to take appropriate, fast, and effective treatment when bullying.

24. Covid-19 pandemic and violence (lockdown, confined environments, domestic violence, coercion, deprivation of treatment, suicide and self-harm)
adolescent, bullying, gender
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