An ethnography of coercion: capturing the processual dynamics

An ethnography of coercion: capturing the processual dynamics

Paper presentation125Malene Clemmensen, Roskilde University, Denmark

Jurriaanse ZaalSat 09:00 - 10:30

This paper presentation draws on data from the presenter’s PhD project: “Coercion in psychiatry: a negotiative practice of autonomy?”. The methodology is qualitative ethnographic fieldwork, comprising of participant observation and interviews. The findings suggest that there are conflicts in the meaning making of interpersonal relationships between patients and professionals in the psychiatric practice, which challenges efforts to reduce coercion. This project and paper presentation is relevant for the chosen theme for two reasons. First, participant observation allows for the involvement of the patients’ and professionals’ ongoing reflections about the research, which qualifies the approach. The general interdisciplinarity of the ECVCP-conference will enable further co-creating research and practice within contemporary mental health. Second, the presentation is relevant for theme 6, in that the aim of the PhD-research is a humane and relationship-oriented approach to coercive practices in mental health care.

coercion, ethnographic fieldwork, institutionalized processes, qualitative research
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