High and intensive care in psychiatry: a care model in motion

High and intensive care in psychiatry: a care model in motion

Paper presentation175Isa de Jong, Amsterdam UMC, the Netherlands

Jurriaanse ZaalSat 11:00 - 12:30

Previous research has shown progression in implementation of the High and Intensive Care (HIC) model and a decline of compulsory care by the level of implementation. Securing implementation has proven to be challenging, among others by national shortage of mental health care staff. Systematic evaluation of compulsory care is necessary. This follow-up research aims to optimize the development and implementation of the HIC model in the current mental health care context. Focus will be on 1) developments of influence on the HIC monitor, 2) developments in compulsory care, aggression incidents and complex cases, 3) experiences of clients, family and professionals on previous topics, and 4) professionals’ motivation to work at HIC wards. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be used, including interviews, focus groups, case studies, questionnaires and an arts-based method. This presentation highlights the research design and how creative methods can be used in research to optimize HIC care.

complex cases, compulsory care, developments in acute psychiatry, HIC model
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