Pilot study on the Management of Aggression Program (MAP) in primary health care

Pilot study on the Management of Aggression Program (MAP) in primary health care

Paper presentation165Gunilla Maria Berg Kristiansen, Helse Bergen, Norway; Øyvind Lockertsen, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Van Beuningen ZaalThu 11:30 - 13:00

Service user aggression and violence are associated with great costs and can cause injuries, absence, dissatisfaction and high turnover, and hence negatively influence quality of services.The MAP is a comprehensive staff education programme developed to help prevent and manage aggression and violence. The pilot study aims to investigate whether the implementation of MAP municipal version in primary health care can have an impact on registered deviations, sick leave and staffs experienced degree of safety and security.The pilot study takes place in two municipalities in Norway and includes departments within mental health, substance abuse, nursing homes and intellectually disabled. The target group is employees in departments which have a particularly high frequency of challenging behavior.Preliminary findings show that the project organization, management anchoring, and organization of education, impacts the participants perceived usefulness, transfer value, relevance and their experience of safety and security when facing aggression and violence.

Aggression, Prevention, Primary health care, Violence
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