Restorative justice in mental health services: Systematic review

Restorative justice in mental health services: Systematic review

Paper presentation280Nutmeg Hallett, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Schadee ZaalSat 09:00 - 10:30

Background: Mental health services can be coercive and this means a risk of harm. Patient violence can cause harm and some interventions can be harmful (e.g. seclusion, restraint). Restorative justice (RJ) provides a framework for addressing such harm.Aim: To identify how RJ is being used within mental health services, where the current research gaps are and potential future developments.Methods: Systematic review using bidirectional citation searching. Studies describing/discussing RJ patient interventions within mental health services were included and findings were narratively synthesised.Results: Nine papers were included in this review. All described RJ in forensic mental health settings and used to address patient assaults or index offences.Conclusions: RJ has been successfully implemented in forensic settings. Further research is needed to explore the wider potential benefits.

Patient violence, Restorative justice, Secure mental health
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