The patients’ view on mechanical restraint in Austrian adult psychiatry

The patients’ view on mechanical restraint in Austrian adult psychiatry

Paper presentation90Florian Wostry, University of Vienna - PhD Student / Wiener Gesundheitsverbund, Austria

Jurriaanse ZaalSat 09:00 - 10:30

This study explored with qualitative methodology the experience of mechanical restraint from the patients’ perspective and their suggestions for improvement. In 2020 in Vienna twelve guided individual interviews were conducted with inpatients.Three prototypes were identified, which are characterised by physical and psychological stress as well as the perception of a great benefit. Eight general categories describe a lack of understanding, disregard for basic needs, experiences with medication, unpleasant atmosphere, loss of trust, relief from falling asleep, empathic care and calm, protection, safety and understanding. Patients described important improvements by reflexing and breaking up old structures, the mechanism of control and communicative de-escalation techniques. Calming touch and participatory decision-making were mentioned as alternatives to break restrictive practices.The description of the prototypes allows nurses to better reflect their role and actions during coercive treatment. A new finding of this research is the calming touch experienced by patients during mechanical restraints.

experience, mechanical restraint, patients
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