Trauma-informed care vs coercion and violence_x000D_

Trauma-informed care vs coercion and violence_x000D_

Interactive workshop223Stijn van Griensven, GGZ inGeest, Netherlands; Laura van Melle, GGZ inGeest, Netherlands

Hudig ZaalSat 09:00 - 10:30

The High and Intensive Care (HIC) model is a Dutch approach for high quality care of acute psychiatric admission wards with minimal use of coercion. Central to working according to HIC principles is the focus on making contact with clients and between colleagues. Making contact can be challenging in times of crisis and failure to do so can result in agression and coercion. We are developing a best practice and training to work with trauma-informed care on HIC wards and in particular during crisis situations. We suggest a change of view to integrate trauma-informed care and de-escalation techniques as a key chance to make a connection with clients in crisis to avoid violence and to minimize coercive measures. This workshop will adress the theory behind the best practice and provide the opportunity to practice. We aim to integrate input from the workshop to refine the practice and training.

Best-practice, Connection, Trauma-informed, User-based
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